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BfB: your life science networking hub

No more hunting for events scattered across various websites. We centralize event listings from all major sources, ensuring you never miss out on valuable networking opportunities again.

Image by NASA
Buzzed for Biotech Logo.

Buzzed for Biotech

App coming soon! 
Want to test out the app or be a BfB organizer?
See below.

Eventually, app access will be $5/month.
You'll join an exclusive community serious about networking, gain access to curated event listings, and be the first to know about BfB-hosted gatherings. Plus, have a say in shaping our event lists by suggesting additions or hosting your own under the BfB umbrella.

Sponsor and partnership conversations always welcome!

Beta test our app!

Look out for an email in March for the invite!

Be a BfB Organizer

We're looking for reps in each biotech hub!

Volunteer-led. You should only have to commit a couple of hours per week.

The goal is to have awesome people across life science hubs passionate about connecting the community!

Thanks for submitting!

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